Sliding Wardrobes

KD Wardrobes Sliding Wardrobes provide a beautiful way to make more space in your bedroom, with a breathtaking collection of custom-made, sliding doors that conceal or reveal exceptionally clever interior storage containers and hangers.

Our fitted wardrobes are designed to integrate seamlessly into your everyday living, with timeless Italian style that will look breathtaking for many years to come and add value to your property.

There are 3 main types of Sliding Wardrobes:

  • Wooden Sliding Wardrobes
  • Sliding Wardrobes with Mirrors
  • Sliding Wardrobes with Glass

Choosing to add a bespoke fitted sliding wardrobe enhances the sophistication of your bedroom providing a sleek and clean look. A bespoke fitted wardrobe works around the configuration of your bedroom. It maximises your room by allowing you to use odd shaped spaces and create a fitted wardrobe based on your specific measurements. You will be surprised with the amount of additional space that a bespoke fitted wardrobe provides. In addition to maximising your space and adding style, fitted furniture also adds value to your home.

Clever storage solutions and lots of space

Every sliding wardrobe we make is designed to maximise available room space; from floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall, complete with clever interior storage containers and hangers to providing a stylish home for all your precious belongings. We won’t be beaten by high ceilings or difficult angles because our product is expertly fitted.

Our designs will add impact to any room and bring an extra style dimension to your room.